collage, 11x14 inches

This is the first collage in which I feature the
ghostly bride in the background. At first it
was going to be a stand alone image but
which there was a particular type of
Victorian gentleman who strongly resembles
the troubled man featured here. This gave
me the idea of doing a series of these that
would suggest a story of the gentleman and
the bride who haunts him. Something in the
vein of the 19th Century fiction of Wilkie
Collins or J. Sheridan LeFanu or one of the
many "penny dreadful" writers of the era.

At this time, I don't know how far this series
will go, but it is safe to say that this image
ends up being much deeper in the story as
the gentleman realises he is a haunted man
and why.

The original collage is available for purchase
at the
Solaris Art Gallery

This collage is also available as a print at
Fine Art America dot com.