(portrait of Barnabas Collins)
acrylic on canvas, 22x28 inches
NOT FOR SALE, collection of the artist

"And that which now is, then, shall be,
No more but this--The dark dead past.
Alas! what gloom steals over me?-
My heart cries out aloud for thee:
Come back but once--one moment's space!
Let me not be forgot
In that uncareful land where thou dost dwell--
I seek no heaven where thou art not.
If I shall see no more thy face
Then I bid hope farewell.
If love's fond dream be flown
There is no gaping gulf of hell
Holds fear for me.
If love be mortal, let Death bar the door--
I care not what awaits on that dark shore,
I am myself--alone."

Robert Burns Wilson, 1887
Click below for a link to a You Tube
video made by a Dark Shadows fan who
understands Barnabas very well.