acrylic on canvas, 24x36 inches.

This painting is another in what I think of
as my "78" series. These paintings are
based on favourite 78 rpm records I
listen to on my gramophone. The title
will usually be based on the title of an
old acoustic era recording or a lyric
from the song. The painting will usually
have a gramophone as an element of
the painting.

This painting was inspired by John
McCormack's singing The Angel's
Serenade as Fritz Kriesler performed
on the violin. Interestingly, my particular
recording of this was made 51 years to
the day before the angel model was
born. The gramophone is my 1907
Columbia BI Sterling. Finding lyrics to
this song has been astonishingly hard
even in the Age of Google. If I find them,
I will post them here.