coloured pencil on 140lb, D'Arches hot press
watercolour paper, 22x28 inches

Collection of Andrea Dobson
"The mirror crack'd from side to side
'The curse is come upon me!'
cried the Lady of Shalott"
This painting is of the moment in Tennyson's Lady of
Shalott when she gazes directly upon Lancelot instead
of viewing him in the mirror, At this moment, the curse
that bound her is invoked, and she is on an
inescapable path to death.
My view of her fate is altogether different from the one
held by the Victorians. In this version, the Lady of
Shalott would rather live a very brief life that was truly
hers than to be a slave to the illusions in the mirror.
Though the time left to her will not last long, she in a
sense is now truly free because now her life is lived
directly and not vicariously.