Inspired by the English Pre-Raphaelites and the writings of late Victorian Kentucky poets Madison J. Cawein and Robert
Burns Wilson, my paintings are of the eternal human quest for love set in a lost Gothic world inhabited primarily by women who
are caught in the contradictions of their dreams and what they have found their world to actually be.

Many of the inhabitants are haunted, but not by supernatural forces. When ghosts appear, they are not always the spirits of the
dear departed; more often they are the ghosts of an idea or a dream- for example, the idea that one can find a lifelong and
therefore true love, or of that one person that cannot be forgotten. The women who spread their wings are not angels in the
expected sense; their wings are a manifestation of the forces that shape their lives.

Men are sometimes present in my images, often in an embrace of acceptance and partnership as they share the immutable
longing for love. At other times, men are found at that pivotal moment of undesired separation from those they love or are
reaching out to comfort those in pain.

But not every moment is one of tragic endings.

There are moments of quiet joy, when the transformative powers of Love turn from dark to light. Memory no longer wounds, but
instead gives appreciative perspective for what has been found again.

My paintings reject the cynicism, bitterness and irony readily found in a world mired in it. The images offer refuge for those who
still value love and are immersed in true feelings, a place where it is safe to be emotionally vulnerable and to acknowledge the
melancholy that sometimes enters all our lives.